IGNITE Launches BOOSTED Crowdfunding Campaign

Help support all-ages shows in Auckland

IGNITE Programme, which aims to engage young people with a passion for music and events, has launched a Boosted campaign to support a series of all-ages shows in Auckland.


IGNITE is a free programme run over 12 weeks, pairing participants aged 15-18 with industry mentors. The participants attend seminars, workshops and get the chance to tour local venues and do work experience. They’re also guided by their mentors through the process of running their own shows, culminating in four all-ages live gigs at the Ellen Melville Centre in June.
Participants are now busily planning their shows on Friday June 8, Saturday June 9, Friday June 15 and Friday June 22.
The aim of the IGNITE Programme is to empower the next generation of Kiwis working in the music and events industry. The shows run by IGNITE’s young people also provide other young Aucklanders with a safe and fun place to enjoy live music, as well as a platform for emerging New Zealand artists to be heard. Through the Boosted campaign, IGNITE aims to raise at least $3,000, which will go towards paying for event costs for the four shows, including venue, production, artist fees, marketing and security. The rest of the money is funded by IGNITE and topped up from ticket and door sales.
IGNITE founder Savina Fountain is encouraging everyone to get behind the campaign. “It is amazing to witness something click in our young people when they get to put everything they’ve learnt so far in the programme to practice. That’s how all of us learn, so to provide these young people with the opportunity to produce their own show is invaluable.”
Please dig deep and give generously as every dollar will help IGNITE to help their fantastic team of young people put on four amazing all ages events. You are helping to create more all-ages events in Auckland, provide key performance opportunities for young and emerging musicians and help empower the next generation of event managers!


Why you should support us!
  • We believe that young people especially learn best when they apply the skills learnt to a real-life context so this part of the process to produce an event is crucial to solidify their learning.
  • There are not many all ages music events for under 18s in Auckland, especially to enjoy local artists, as a lot of venues are licensed to restrict people not of legal drinking age. We feel that music and drinking age should not be connected and everyone should be able to enjoy music, no matter their age.
  • Through the programme, our young people aged 15 to 18 will engage the wider community by producing a series of all ages events – run by young people for young people, whilst creating key performance opportunities for young and emerging artists.
  • ALL proceeds will go to a charity of the event organisers’ choice, or re-invested back into the IGNITE Event Fund for future all ages events.